Home Missions

— I am thinking of resigning my small church and going out and starting a home mission’s church because i just can’t seem to get my people behind me to see the church grow. Your thoughts?
T.W. Massengale

I can see you are frustrated. Often, when it seems that we carry the vision for growth all alone, it can become an overwhelming burden. But let me ask a few quick questions: Did God call you to that city? Has he released you form the burden to reach that city? Has God clearly told you to leave and go somewhere else? If you answer “no” to these questions, you might want to simply change your mindset. Consider how much you have in your favor over a brand new home missionary: you have a building, you have people to preach to, you have tithe and offerings coming in, and when you give an alter call, you have members that respond and pray with guest that come to the alter. You have a LOT going for you! However, you need to begin thinking like a home missionary. Quit frustrating yourself trying to motivate and use saints that are not interested in working the harvest. If you started fresh in a new location, everything would be up to you anyway.

So begin to witness to anyone and everyone. Invite dozens to you services each week. Knock on doors every Saturday possible. Start a van ministry to bring children. Begin teaching home Bible studies, several at a time. Throw yourself into winning souls and building a church – as if you were starting a church from scratch! Set yourself a goal to see fifteen or twenty more in attendance over the next twelve months form your own personal evangelism efforts. Or set a goal to see five or six baptized and receive the Holy Ghost from the home Bible studies that you personally teach. Make soul winning your top priority. If you can get one or two of your existing saints to join you in reaching souls, so much better! Begin to think and act like a home missionary who wakes up every morning and says, “If it is to be, it is up to me,” and then do it!

What normally will happen, as you being to fill the church with new converts, the personality and the dynamic of the church will change. The excitement level will grow and people will change. The excitement level will grow and people will start catching the vision that you have for growth. Then they will buy into your vision of revival and help you teach Bible studies, teach Sunday school classes, invite people to church and knock doors.