How To Use This Form

  1. Hostess greets all guests, gives them a guest packet & introduces
    them to usher for seating.
  2. After guest is seated, hostess takes form (clipped to a clipboard) to
    where guest is sitting.
  3. Hostess says: “So glad you are with us Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The pastor
    has asked that I get a little information from you so he can greet
    you properly. Can I get your first names? Children? Home Church?
  4. The hostess fills form out, asking guest each question.
  5. If service has already begun, greet guest, fill-out form in
    vestibule, then introduce to usher for seating.

Name Mr/Mrs/Miss_________________________________Date_____________am/pm

Children’s Names________________________________________________________

Home Church_______________________________Guest of______________________

Age Group 0-16 17-25 26-35 36-50 51-up

              --------Mailing List Information--------


Telephone ( )______________________New Resident?__________

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