Church Growth Success!

Dr. David McClellan, professor of psychology at Harvard University, once stated, “Most people can be divided into two broad groups. There is the minority, which are challenged by adversity and opportunity – and are willing to work hard to achieve something. Then there is the majority, which really don’t care about anything all that much.”

What I admire most about Apostolic pastors and leaders is their passion for souls and their desire to see their communities reached with the truth and their wonderful burden for souls. But too often they become distracted by the majority that don’t really care whether the church grows or not; those that are content with the status quo.

Most people do not like change. They also shy away from adversity – it does not challenge them, it repels them. Therefore, the successful, growing pastor is aware of people’s resistance to change and is willing to put forth the extra effort in spite of it.

Hundreds of years ago, the famous Italian politician, Machiavelli, wrote, “There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, then to initiate a new order of things.” It is for this reason that no pastor will fight his way to consistent growth without exercising the fullest measure of faith, courage, determination and resolution. The leader that gets somewhere does so because he has first resolved in his own mind that this direction is the will of God, then has enough stick-to-it-ive-ness to transfer God’s will into reality.

So what is the secret to church growth success? Let me suggest it is a clear, detailed plan, implemented in baby steps.

Start by determining to double your church – in both attendance and tithe-paying members – in five years. Break this into annual and then monthly numerical goals. Assemble around yourself a team of faith-filled church members that will embrace this goal as well. Hopefully this includes your various department ministry leadership. Then plan a series of evangelism events that will bring visitors to God’s house where the Holy Ghost will draw them to an altar of salvation. Push effective guest follow-up, home Bible studies and new convert care. Build a team of soul winners with the Constant Contact Consciousness (CCC) ministry. Launch a car ministry to bring new people each week. Ensure that every guest is offered a home Bible study. Outline your plan, then, week-by-week, press toward the mark. You can make this year your best year ever!