New Convert Involvement

New Convert Involvement


New convert care is one of the three essential ingredients to successful church growth (church organization/management and church outreach/evangelism being the other two). The three elements of successful new convert care are instruction, fellowship and involvement. But I am often asked, “How soon can you start using a new convert and how are they best involved?”

How soon is immediately? Every new convert should be taught a home Bible study (HBS) if they are not already involved in one. They should be encouraged to invite their family to be involved in the HBS with them. As soon as the study is completed, they should be encouraged to set up a HBS with their local friends, neighbors or other family members. An experienced, trained teacher teaches these studies, but the new convert attends and assists as needed. After having been taught a HBS, assisting in several additional studies, and attending a “How To Teach A HBS” seminar (a course that should be taught at least annually), I believe they are qualified to begin teaching HBS’s on their own.

New converts can also be involved in other areas of evangelism very soon as long as they mentor under a mature Christian, including door knocking, bus ministry, street evangelism, rest home ministry, visitor follow-up, and others. New converts should also be involved in the CCC ministry, which encourages saints to witness and invite people to church every week.

Every convert should complete a new converts course which is taught at the church on Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour. One or more lessons of this course should focus upon “Finding Your Ministry and Gifts.” Teaching about the “service gifts” and helping them discover their God-given talents is an important part of Christian service. An important outcome of this course should be to see every convert integrated into active ministry and involvement.

For a more detailed description of how new convert care works, order Total Church Growth by calling 1-800-800-0247.