The Common Characteristic of Revival Pastors

I really want to be a success as a pastor and want my church to grow. Is there any common characteristic that all revival pastors tend to exhibit?

I wish I could share with you some magic formula that would guarantee you growth. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any. But if there is any single element that stands out after evaluating hundreds of growing Apostolic churches, it is their bull-dogged determination and faith for growth. Nearly all shared a story of struggle and difficulty. But revival finally came when, like Hannah, they reached the place of crying, “Give me children lest I die.” As someone
has aptly quipped, “What makes a little shot into a big shot is for the little shot to just keep on shooting.”

I’m reminded of one of the great men of history, Sir Winston Churchill. Toward the end of his career as Britain’s greatest prime minister, he was invited to address the young boys at his alma mater. In announcing the coming of their great leader, the headmaster said,

“Young gentlemen, the greatest orator of our time, our prime minister, will be here in a few days to address you; and it will behoove you to listen carefully to whatever sound advice he may bring to you at that time.”

Following a glowing and lengthy introduction by the headmaster, Sir Winston stood. After acknowledging the effusive introduction, he gave this brief but moving speech:

“Young men, never give up. Never give up! Never give up! Never, never, never, never!”

Too often, in the seminars I have taught across the country, I see men slowly walk out the doors shaking their heads:

“Just another program,” mumbles one.

“It’ll never work in my church,” grumbles another. In truth, they have given up. Perhaps in the past, they tried something and it did not work. Whatever the cause, they return void of vision, lacking confidence. Their very thoughts ruin incentive. They seem to forget that God once used a rod, a jaw-bone, and five small stones. Pastors and church leaders: Never give up. Never give up. Never give up! Never, never, never, never!