I’ve heard you say that every church should make new convert care a separate department in the church, with its own director. Why is this?

The task of keeping track of all the new converts in their various stages of development is a great one. It is critical to the growth of the church. It is not enough for a pastor to “hope” that the convert is being counseled the first night, attending the New Life Class taking a home Bible study, developing friends being visited and getting involved.

Simply hoping is not getting the job done. Someone needs to make sure it’s being done and if not, that person needs to find out why, so that a solution may be found.

This task is too great to be placed within another department. You want the person in charge of this ministry to sit on the monthly council and hand in a regular report so that you will know exactly how each new convert is doing.

Problems and trials affect new converts much faster than mature saints. A pastor needs to be aware of all these various aspects of the spiritual child’s growth. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that New Convert Care be a separate department. This director will keep track of all the various needs of the convert and make sure that each one is doing his or her job.

Consider the various jobs of the new convert care ministry. They must ensure that converts have an altar card filled out for them that service oversee “First Night Counseling collect altar cards and give one to everyone responsible for new converts introduce converts to the congregation make sure each new saint has a “Care Partner” ensure that each convert completes a 10 or 12-week home Bible study oversee a New Life Class take roll on new converts during service nights and much more.

Because of the enormity of the task, a New Convert Care ministry simply must be a separate department. For a more exhaustive list of New Convert Care responsibilities, request file JDNC01.TXT from the Apostolic Information Service.