Being a Personal Witness

“Being a Personal Witness”


The personal witness is, by far, the most effective method of soul-winning.  Just striking up a conversation with someone – a waitress, cashier, or the fellow behind the counter when you get your next ‘big gulp’ – provides an opportunity to invite them to church and perhaps ask for a home Bible study.

The key is getting the conversation going in the right direction quickly.  Most people don’t have time for an in-depth conversation.  The best advice I have received from an experienced soul-winner is to look for something about which to sincerely compliment. “You have a beautiful smile.  I bet you are a Christian.  What church do you attend?”  That simple statement often opens the door to a quick conversation.  Follow-up questions like, “Does your church believe in the infilling of the Holy Ghost?”  or “Does your church believe in divine healing?  Yes?  Then please pray for me!  I have been asking God for…”  Quickly share how God has answered prayer in the past and your confidence that He will do so again.

Your secondary objective is to ask for a home Bible study.  This question, if the opportunity presents itself, is simple and easy.  “Our church has a wonderful Home Bible Study program.  Have you heard about it? No?  It is so helpful in learning about your Bible.”  You then explain it simply and quickly and ask if they would be interested. They will reply, yes or no or, more often, ‘I’ll have to think about it.’  Smile and nod and let them know you will be praying for them and make a point to ask them again the next time you see them.  “Have you thought any more about that home Bible study I told you about last week?” This is a natural way to jump-start the conversation the next time you see them.  Most do not accept an HBS the first time you ask them.  You need to give the Holy Ghost time to deal with them and get their heart in the right place.

Personal witnessing requires a little effort, a desire to win souls, and a dash of holy boldness.  But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Before long, not a day will go by without inviting several to church and, like casting a fishline into a pond, you will get some solid bites and soon see the fruit of your efforts in souls around the altar!

-Tim Massengale