I have long been an advocate for churches to develop a comprehensive New Convert Care (NCC) ministry. One key component to NCC success is the Altar Card. Every individual that receives the Holy Ghost or is baptized should, if possible, have an Altar Card completed that same night or the very next service. Getting basic information on all converts ensures you are able to effectively follow up and begin the discipleship process. Churches that do this see NCC retention rates at well over 50 percent in a calendar year.

There are many people that utilize this card. Once completed, the information can be entered into a computer and forwarded to the following individuals to ensure the NCC program begins immediately. (1) New Convert Care director. This individual is responsible for ensuring that the three basic needs of all converts are met: instruction, fellowship and involvement. This person is the true key to NCC success. (2) Home Bible Study director. Ensures that a HBS is started in the home of the convert asap, if not already going. The best person to teach this is the individual that won the convert to God. (3) New Life Class instructor. Ensures that the convert is contacted and enrolled in the Sunday morning NCC class. After the convert completes the series of lessons, they then graduate to the Adult Class. (4) Church Secretary. Adds the converts to church records and mailing list. Sends the convert a welcome letter from the pastor. (5) Ladies, Men’s or Youth Ministry director. Contacts the convert and strives to involve them in the various activities and ministries of that department – depending on age and gender. (5) Public Relations director. Places a welcome note in the church bulletin, adds a welcome slide to PowerPoint announcements, and adds them to the church directory. (6) Sunday School director. Ensures the convert and their children are enrolled in Sunday school properly. Contacts them when they miss. (7) Prayer Ministry director. Assigns each convert a prayer partner to pray for the convert daily. (8) Pastor. Ensures NCC Counseling is done (within first week of conversion), either by personally doing this himself or delegating this to an assistant minister.

If you would like a sample of an Altar Card, or a complete description of a NCC program, call 1-800-800-0247. $5.00 plus postage.