Using prayer as an evangelistic tool is not a new approach.  But perhaps this particular twist will catch fire in your church.  The “Neighborhood Prayer Initiative” has seen positive results wherever it has been used.

                Start by preaching a sermon on the importance of prayer as a tool of evangelism.  You end the service by asking people to come forward who are serious about praying for their neighborhoods and are willing to labor in the harvest.

                Each adult that comes forward is placed on a list for a home prayer meeting.  Everyone that comes forward agrees to meet at each scheduled home for a group prayer meeting.  In larger churches, where dozens of homes may participate, they will need to divide the participants into teams of ten families because of space limitations in each home.

                On the selected Saturday, all meet at the chosen home for a quick breakfast. After a time of prayer, the group then hits the streets by 10 a.m.  Teams of two are assigned to knock on doors on selected streets around the home.  At each door they share a very simple message with whomever answers, “We are having a neighborhood prayer meeting this evening to pray for the families and needs in this area.  We would like to invite you to join with us at 6 p.m. at this home for a time of group prayer” (you should have a flyer with a simple map showing the `home’s location, prayer meeting time, name of the homeowner and the home phone number). “However, if you are not able to come, we are collecting prayer requests for our group to pray about.  Do you have any needs you would like us to pray for?”  Each request is placed on a prayer request card along with the name and address.  They should also ask, “Do you mind if we contact you in a few weeks to see if we should continue to pray for this need?”  If they don’t mind, get their phone number.

                Start the evening prayer meeting by introducing all who have gathered and welcoming any guests.  The prayer request cards that have been gathered are handed out. They then pray as only Apostolics can pray!  Fellowship follows.  All visitors are invited to church the following morning.  Follow-up on each card with a nice letter and an invitation to church.  Also, be sure to call back to see if the need has been met.  Asking for a Home Bible Study is also an option.  It is important that the pastor or a seasoned minister participate in each prayer meeting.  The results have been excellent!