Most Effective Outreach Programs

What outreach programs are, in your opinion, most effective?
T.W. Massengale

Someone has aptly observed that you can cut down a tree with a pocket knife or a chain saw. Both will do the job. One will just do it faster than the other. By the same token, there are many methods of outreach and evangelism you can use in the local church. However, not all methods are created equal. Some work better than others. With time growing so short and the Lord coming so soon, it behooves us to use the best methods possible. Here are my two favorite and, in my opinion, the most effective methods of evangelism that every church should consider implementing:

Attracting guests to church. This is, without question, your best method of evangelism. Did you know that your church services are your best outreach? Most new converts are in church today because someone invited them to church, they felt God, were convicted by the Word, and went to an altar. So what can you do to increase first-time visitors? Planning regular special events helps. Consider about once a month having a special service of some kind that makes it easy for your church members to invite their family, friends and neighbors. Promote these events well: flyers, announcements, banners, mail-outs, e-mails, social media and more. What kind of special services? Healing service, Holy Ghost night, Friend Day, holiday services (Easter, Pentecost, July 4, Christmas), Children’s Crusade, Financial Freedom Sunday, revivals, Sunday school contests, the list goes on.

Visitor Follow-up. This, in my opinion, is the most important organized outreach in any church. Two stats bear this out: First, the vast majority, 93 percent, receive the Holy Ghost in some kind of church service. Second, only seven percent receive the Holy Ghost the first time they come. Put these two stats together and you come to this conclusion: your guests must return multiple times before they become converts. A good guest follow-up program can greatly increase the number of return visits that guests make. A good guest follow-up plan will include a phone call (within 24 hours), a letter (within 72 hours), a visit to their home with a small gift (within seven days), at least two additional home visits at least three to four months apart, and adding them to your church mailing list (send invitations out to all events mentioned above).

If you would like detailed information on how to organize and maintain a good guest follow-up program, call 1-800-800-0247. Cost is just $4 plus postage.