Know Your Numbers

Some say numbers are boring. However, without numbers we would never have known critical information in the Bible: 120 in the Upper Room, 3,000 new converts. Suffice it to say, God thinks numbers are important.

There are some key numbers you need to know if you desire to grow. Over time, they provide a critical evaluation tool for progress and improvement.

Average attendance. The number of souls attending your services is important. Research shows a direct correlation between attendance and membership. Want to increase your number of tithe-paying members? Increase your attendance. When attendance decreases, membership soon follows.

Membership. Whatever your membership criteria, know who qualifies. Add and subtract names from this list for your annual business meeting. No one needs to see this list but you, but be brutally honest. 

Annual Convert Count. Who and how many have received the Holy Ghost and/or baptized this month?  Quarter? Year? Have a process in place to keep this information accurate.

New Convert Retention Rate. Extremely important. Each year, go over the above list and note if they are still attending. You want an annual retention rate at above 50 percent or greater. 

First Time Guest/Total Guests. When you take your service count, note any visitors – especially first-time guests. 100 percent of your new converts come from your visitors. Want to increase your converts?  Increase your visitors. 

Evangelism Ministry Success. Every outreach ministry and program, keep records of your totals and successes: home Bible studies, bus ministry, child and youth evangelism, etc. Strive to grow and improve.

Annual Goal vs. Reality Evaluation. Set realistic goals in all areas of growth and evangelism. When you fall short, ask why and develop a plan to improve next year.