Total Church Growth

Total Church Growth

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An excellent source for organizing, planning, and setting goals for increased church growth. Consists of six audio CDs, a book entitled “Let My People Grow!” and two spiral-bound notebooks.

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Total Church Growth is written by Tim Massengale, a church growth consultant with over 25 years experience. Bro. Massengale is the author of three books on church growth: Total Church Growth – Volume One, Total Church Growth – Volume Two, and Let My People Grow. Let My People Grow is currently part of the required reading program for obtaining Ordination License in the United Pentecostal Church International. Bro. Massengale is also an instructor at Indiana Bible College, a position he has held for over 20 years.

He strongly believes that any church can grow. These books are a study of the key factors that bring about church growth. Emphasis is placed upon the Biblical and theological basis of evangelism, effective evangelism methods and principles of convert retention. Also, a study of the principles of management as applied to the local church. Special emphasis is placed upon church organization, staff development, concepts of delegating, motivating, and supervising paid and volunteer church staff members.

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  1. We purchased the Total Church Growth package in the late 90’s for the church we were pastoring in Florida. We are now pastoring in Illinois. It appears that the content is basically the same and we are implementing it here. Are there any significant changes to the material that we should use?
    Thanks so much.
    God bless.
    Pastor Timothy D. Fross

  2. Bro Massengale,
    I purchased the Total Church Growth package in the mid 90’s I still have Volume 1 however I have misplaced Volume 2 is it possible to purchase volume 2 alone?

    Pastor D’Amico

  3. I am one of the leader of the United Pentecostal Church in the Philippines and I have 60 ministers under me and want to help them including me for church growth , Is there anyway you can help us in this regard. Thank you so much for your understanding.

  4. Ten major chapters include: 1. Organize for action – developing and organizational structure suitable for your size church. Five keys to successful organization. Sample charts provided. 2. Developing Job Descriptions – Why leaders don’t perform their duties. Principles of proper delegation. Complete set of samples given. 3. Church Management – Five major sections focusing on the ‘Four Part Planning System’ a Complete management structure developed specifically for Pastors. 4. Developing Lay Leadership in The Local Church – A total plan for training leadership in the local church. 5. Do It Now! – A step by step plan to implement each phase from month one to month seven. Makes it so simple. 6. Our Goals are Souls – How to develop and reach faith goals, numerical goals, and quality improvement goals. 7. The Church Growth Spiral Concept – A totally new and unique method of motivation your people to consistently reach for the lost. 8. Evangelism Methods – Includes detailed instruction for prospect ministry, visitor follow-up ministry, home Bible study ministry, personal evangelism ministry and Sunday school ministry. 9. The Complete New Convert Care System – A ‘total care’ program that invoice training ides, care partner use, friendship development, church involvement and more. 10. Do it Now (part 2) A step by sept plan to implement each remaining phase of month seven to twelve.

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