The Keys of the Kingdom



Cover ManualWhat about the thief on the cross? What about Romans 10:9-10? What about “the sinner’s prayer”? What about Genesis 1:26?… These and many other questions are addressed in the special section entitled “But What About…? This will help you to be fully prepared for the responses of the denominational Christian when he or she hears the truth of Acts for the first time.




161670047_XSTHE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM is a fully integrated series of 24 lessons that builds on itself to establish the truth of Acts in the most convincing way possible. It fills a gap because other Bible studies are oriented toward the “unchurched” while this one is oriented toward the “churched” of the denominational world. Thus, it builds on what people already know but puts things together in a way they have never considered. It leaves no stone unturned in establishing the fact that the only gospel that saves is the one preached by the apostles in the beginning of the church age. The meticulous logic is powerful and persuasive to the denominational mind, and as the truth unfolds, many will wonder why they have never seen it before.


  • The authority of scripture
  • The authority of the apostles
  • The foundational nature of Acts
  • The keys of redemption- only in the book of Acts
  • Popular Christianity VS Biblical Christianity
  • The valley of decision for the denominational Christian
  • Responding to denominational questions


  • 25 page full color flip chart
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student’s Manual- Printable from CD
  • Powerpoint for easy teaching
  • DVD (approx. 2 hrs)

Cover BookletTHE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM can be taught in a home or coffee shop using the flip chart, or it can be taught using the DVD. By using the DVD it can easily be taught to a large audience. It is extremely flexible and will adapt to any teaching style. It can be used in conjunction with a more expansive study, or as a “stand alone” entity. In addition, every paragraph is worded in such a way as to allow for further discussion when the teacher feels prompted by the Spirit. Inevitably people will have questions, and there is thus provided a special section that deals with the most common kinds of questions that people will have.

This study is anointed, and when an anointed study is taught by an anointed teacher, the results will be amazing. PASTORS- AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR THE FIRST LESSON OF YOUR NEW CONVERTS CLASS!

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RETURN TO ACTS MINISTRIES affirms that ONLY THE BIBLE is the word of God, and that the gospel preached by the apostles of Jesus in the days of the early church is the true gospel for all time; that no one has the authority to add to nor subtract from the foundational message of truth that was the basis for salvation when the church of Jesus Christ was first established.

No Bible study will teach itself. However, when those with a burden for the lost discover THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM, they will realize that this is a user-friendly tool that makes teaching a lot easier. By presenting the ministry of the apostles as an extension of the ministry of Jesus Himself, it lends itself to the anointing of God in such a way as to impact the mind of the denominational Christian with stunning conviction.

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